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Endiprev brings OffshoreWind4Kids initiative to Portugal

For the first time, the OffshoreWind4Kids initiative will be in Portugal to teach children how offshore wind works and the importance of renewable energy.

September will bring several exciting things to Endiprev. One of them is the event that our company will host with OffshoreWind4Kids. The event will happen on the 23rd of September in the North of Portugal (Viana do Castelo), and we will have the support of the Municipality of Viana do Castelo.

Throughout the day, Endiprev and OffshoreWind4Kids will welcome several children from local Portuguese schools. In a collaborative workshop, they will learn how to build offshore wind turbine models. In the end, they will understand how the different foundations work and have their first wind turbine in the sea.

This initiative is very important for Endiprev now more than ever because of the increasing climate change concerns and the energetic crises. We believe future generations must know the benefits of renewable energies to a cleaner planet from a young age.

Endiprev deliberately chose Viana do Castelo to host this event because it is the first Portuguese city to have an offshore wind farm. The Windfloat Atlantic Project, with three floating wind turbines, is an innovative project due to its semisubmersible technology. Being completely operational since July 2020, the floating wind farm has a total capacity of 25MW. Portugal has a long shoreline and, therefore, a great potential for fixed and floating offshore wind projects.

This is the first time that OffhsoreWind4Kids comes to Portugal for these events. Throughout these few years, this initiative has become recognized in several European countries. So, it is a privilege for Endiprev to be the only Portuguese partner of this organization and to organize the first event for our young generation to understand a little bit more about what we do.