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High Voltage systems in the energy generation process

High Efficiency

As energy generation solutions get more advanced and bigger, they require a high voltage electrical network connecting them to the grid. High voltage systems require regular maintenance to ensure stable energy production by preventing the unexpected breakdown of vital turbine components.

Quality Service

At Endiprev, we have field technicians with the required skills to handle high voltage systems quickly and efficiently. The gained value of our teams is in their expertise and understanding of the complete process of energy generation.

Minimizing risks to protect our customers’ assets

Endiprev has specialized teams to provide a reliable, safe, and quality service in this sector. See our Certifications here:

The Safe Operation of HV Power Systems, Basic Coupling, and Theoretical and Practical Competency Assessment

Use of test instruments on HV switch gears and cables

Installation of HV cables up to 72KV

Safe working on high and low voltage installations (EN50110-1:2013)

Montage of HV cables in offshore installations

Safety, L-AUS/AUS for Operators with HV

Ready to elevate your high voltage projects with our team?