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Offshore wind energy for
achieving sustainability goals

Rapid growth

Offshore wind has been the target of the most recent technological developments, and it has an important role in the world sustainability targets. This sector has been rapidly growing because of its ample space possibilities and consistent wind resources.

An Expert Team

Since 2012, Endiprev has been extremely involved in the offshore wind industry. Our team worked on Test & Validation projects of new models, as well as commissioning and maintenance of offshore wind farms.

Offshore wind projects
completed on time and budget

Endiprev’s teams understand the importance of having offshore wind operations effectively optimized to achieve the best possible long-term performance.

Multi-tasking teams to better handle tighten schedules (mechanical and electrical skills)

Working in offshore energy since 2012

Commissioned the 1st offshore wind farm in the US and France

A complete project solution, with support processes

EHS and Quality are our top priority

Hands-on experience in the US, China, and Europe

Ready to maximize your offshore wind projects?