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Endiprev finished Mesquite Star Wind Farm commissioning

The Mesquite Star Wind Farm was considered the largest wind farm commissioned in June 2020 in the US. The Endiprev US team supported Siemens Gamesa on this project commissioning.


In June 2020, Mesquite Star Wind Farm, in Texas, was one of the wind farms to start operations in the United States. Endiprev participated in this project, by assisting Siemens Gamesa in the commissioning of its 118 SGRE wind turbines. According to the Windpower Intelligence report, this was the largest wind farm coming online worldwide last month. In fact, in this report, the five largest wind farms were in the United States.

The Mesquite Star Wind Farm, developed by Clearway Energy, has a capacity of 419MW. It has multiple Power Purchase Agreement with corporate and institutional customers, such as Brown University. The Mesquite Star Wind Farm is going to be one of the renewable energy projects that will contribute to powering the institution with 100% renewable energy.

Although the construction of Mesquite Star started in May 2019, the Endiprev team joined the project earlier this year. We performed the commissioning and the troubleshooting of the wind turbines. Once this happened during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, our team helped Siemens Gamesa to carry through with its commitment to put the wind farm online in the first half of 2020. Our team was able to finish the project with zero recordable injuries, contributing to very satisfactory Health and Safety indicators.

Endiprev has had a great partnership with Siemens Gamesa this year. Our cooperation extends to other countries, such as Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands. Our specialized teams have been performing a wide scope of work for the Wind Turbine Manufacturer: commissioning, maintenance, and major operations. We will start working on other projects we have been negotiating with SGRE, in Northern Colorado, and New Mexico.