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Endiprev awarded a large maintenance project in Spain

Endiprev was awarded a large maintenance project contract by GE Renewable Energy in several locations in Spain.

In just a few weeks, Endiprev will start the performance of a large maintenance project in Spain. Our teams will be supporting GE Renewable Energy during the period between 2019-2021. 

216 wind turbine generators, in nine different wind farms, compose this maintenance project. Totalizing an installed capacity of 388MW, the wind farms spread out across the Spanish territory, namely in Galicia, Zamora, and Burgos. Altogether, the wind turbines in this maintenance project are able to produce enough energy to power almost 74,000 homes.

On this project, our teams will be essentially performing preventive and corrective maintenance. Their main tasks will be:

  • Preventive maintenance: Torqueing, tensioning, oil samplings, break in services, battery change-outs, and inspections.
  • Corrective maintenance: Large correctives, components change-outs, gearbox and generators, troubleshooting.

Spain is one of the pioneers in wind energy, counting already with 1,123 wind farms, according to the AEE. The country has more than 20,000 wind turbines installed, covering 19% of electricity consumption. However, most of them will exceed 15 years of life by 2020. Once the country is one of the key pieces with full guarantees to achieve the 2030 European goals, Spain has several opportunities for maintenance projects.

Our team has been working on preventive and corrective maintenance projects in several European countries and has a long experience with contracts like this one. Altogether, we have around 30 field technicians working in Spain, in projects with different scopes. Spain has been a key market for the company strategy for several years.